Monday, 18 April 2011

Day 22

So there we were, site cleared and ready to pour the foundations, when the building control inspector rejected our plan. OK, it lead to a bit of messing about and a rethink, but we're now back on course and should have the concrete down on Wednesday ready to start building, fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, the well is officially 53 feet deep and I'm trying to arrange with a proper climber to pop me down to have a look about. A brief video survey (i.e. a video camera on a piece of string) revealed some intriguing hints... Was that a hand print on the wall? A scrap of cloth on one of the beams? A curved, iron-age cutting blade?

Keep watching for next thrilling episode. (BTW, I haven't forgotten this is supposed to be about a studio build but right now the well is by far the most interesting thing going on).

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