Sunday, 10 April 2011

Day 14

2 weeks already, and it's been a rather eventful second week.

The building inspector's initial visit was fine, he's happy with our plans, so it was full steam ahead until we uncovered this hole...

Yep, it's a well, and rather old by the look of it.

I'm measuring it properly today but reckon it's about 45 feet deep and 4 and a half feet wide (that's 15m deep and 1.5m across), and it appears to have a live spring in the bottom which, if nothing else, must be good feng shui!

After an initial panic of "oh my god, the house is going to fall into the hole" and a visit from the structural engineer, who sees no major problem with it being there, I am now rather pleased with the find and am working out how to incorporate it into the floor of the studio.

Either that or scrap the studio idea and go into the bottled water business...


  1. Hi Toby,
    That's an excellent hole. I hope some sounz from it will be incorporated on new upcoming music?
    Get a mic down there! Drippy.
    Jim Prior

  2. I heard once upon a time that the Upsetter himself, Lee Perry, had a well under one of his studios. He positioned kick drums above it for deep resonance and mystic vibes. Or so the story goes.