Saturday, 2 July 2011

Day 97

Another month has gone by, time for an update. The walls have gone up to full height and are now finished externally as well:

Attention has also been focussed on the roof. First a steel supporting beam went in to support an accoustic ceiling in the studio room:

And then another, bigger one to support the whole roof:
After that the roof timbers could be put up:

Batons and felt fixed:

And finally the tiled roof is complete.

Most of the work is on the inside now and this is where it will start to get more interesting (possibly). More news soon...

1 comment:

  1. Looks like the projects coming along nicely. These things take time eh!? Glad to see you've decided to keep the deep well, bet its got some cool acoustics, maybe not as awesome as the pyramids in the track Gizeh, but could be fun trying. We've got some friends who have a house with some small caves carved in the chalk-stone under their house. They hold halloween parties for the kids in them! Can't wait to see the studio side of things getting done.